Minggu, 19 September 2010

            My hopeless holiday....!

a....ha.... holiday holiday....
every time every moment....
i hope my holiday can become happy ending (like movie)
i always prepare my holiday schedule before its time

Today is last day of holiday..
n what i hope haven't been achieved

U know what I hope??
May be no one know.. include HIM
haha... :(
coz i didn't tell everyone..
but i think HE can know what i mean

this time.. 

i know he had changed
i know he had bigger than before
i know he didin't like child like before he always beside me again
but why? why i always hope like before.... like he never changed?


yesterday i found him when JJ 
he didn't greet, smile, laugh or say anything to me

all i hope is hopeless now...

BUT today when i arrive MEDAn 
he sent me message
and i just found 3 words there 
" THA.... SYO XIM"
just simple... =(

Senin, 13 September 2010

                               I LIKE THIS PLACE!!
yesterday evening i stay at one hotel in siantar...
i drove my dad's car to its garden...
OH GOD!!! it's very beautiful...
in here in there in all place were full of green...
(coz i LOVe green very much)

U can find this place to0 in there...

the nem of its place is MEGALAnd stay in siantar

Rabu, 18 Agustus 2010

"  My SaDly MomEnT"

"  Fashion by my self"

i failed

aish... i hate today!
coz from morning 'til now.. i feel very unlucky
this morning i brought my H'Phone to school
Then whad happen??

oh... stupid stupid...
my mom, sisters and all my friends said that i was very KEPO
hahahhaahaha but... luckyly my mom comforts me..
cheer me it's okay!!